Ireland: Day 1

Wahooo! Clarky and I FINALLY get to travel abroad together! The Irish haven’t a clue what’s to come!

We arrived in Dublin on Friday morning and spent an hour getting lost trying to get into the “City Centre.”

It all started out well, as we left the airport parking lot.

IMG_20150529_154557060 (1)

However, the situation turned grim really fast. For the first time, I saw Clarky panicking how to drive a vehicle- he couldn’t figure out how to put the car in reverse (He did not figure it out until Day 2). As if driving in a the left lane wasnt weird enough, he also chose a manual, where apparently the gears are reversed!?

Finding our way to the center of Dublin was definitely a trying situation for us newlyweds. (but we made it)

We got there and BOY WHAT A CITY it was! Parking was AWFUL…BUT…. the PEOPLE WERE GREAT!!! The Irish are SO SO friendly! I feel like I’ve become BFFs with every store clerk in Dublin.

DSC01842 DSC01841

We first went and had lunch at the Green Hen. Clark had a delicious French beer he’s never heard of and we couldn’t pronounce.


We then went shopping and pretty much lost it when I found a Cath Kidston store! Japanese magazines are always raving about this brand but I’ve never actually seen the store. Everything was so cute- I wanted to buy it all!


I struggled to ONLY purchase this backpack and a super cute watch that makes me happy everytime I look at it.


We finished our time in Dublin with a nice stroll.


We then headed over to Bru Na Boinne – built over 5000 years ago during the Stone Age era. It was discovered in 1699 by a guy who was looking for rock. Imagine being the guy who accidentally stumbled upon a massive prehistoric religious burial site!


DSC01906 DSC01905 DSC01881 DSC01887

Oh yeah, and then finally, exhausted, we got to our castle for the evening.

DSC01931 IMG_20150530_100920557 (1) IMG_20150530_101236768 (1)

The castle was guarded by Irish Wolfhounds. These puppies were so  sweet!


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