Ireland: Day 2

We woke up at 7am,  hit the snooze button, at 9am, hit the snooze button, and finally ACTUALLY forced ourselves to work against the evils of jetlag exhaustion at 10am.

I’m not going to lie. We’re extremely exhausted. But Belfast awaits! So we hopped into our rental car, said goodbye to Cabra Castle, and journeyed north to Belfast.

or more like, TRIED to and failed.

We have never felt more appreciative of America’s clear road signage. Unless you’re on a highway, there’s no signage in Ireland. It’s like the intersection in Alice in Wonderland. You’ll come to a T intersection and all you will see is ” <—– Rossnowlagh ” and another saying ” —-> Londonderry” but if you haven’t a clue where you are, and aren’t familiar with those two random towns, you were lost before, and you’re even more lost now!’

So after an hour of who knows where we drove through, we decided to go back to Cabra Castle, Clark agreed to “ask for directions.” Which meant Clark used the lobby wifi to load up the directions on his phone….which ended up being EXTREMELY helpful.

So after 15 minutes of heading out of town, I realized I was starving. We went into this cute town, and realized people park however they want to. Again, Alice in Wonderland style.


2 hours later, we successfully arrived in Belfast. It was a very cool European city.

DSC01937 DSC01941 DSC01942Clark was overstimulated at St. George’s Market. So we had to leave. It was pretty chaotic because apparently we came on a Bank Holiday weekend. whatever that meant.

We then went to the Titanic museum and learned SO MUCH about the Titanic and how it was built in Belfast by so many different types of workers. The exhibit ended with a “ride” which was a little weird. We didn’t take a photo because we were too busy trying to figure out what the heck we were standing in line for and whether or not “a ride” meant something different in Ireland. It was like the slowest and most educational version of Peter Pan’s ride at Disneyland – less magic, more riding through the air and learning about how they hand-made rivets on the Titanic.

DSC01957 This is the clock mechanism the Titanic workers used to document their work hours.

DSC01968  The ride was up high to simulate working on the ship building..or something

DSC01969While waiting in line I pulled out the map and realized we still had over 2 hours to drive to get to tonight’s castle. Belfast is on the eastern coast of Ireland. Donegal (location of our castle) is on the west coast of Ireland. There’s no way of getting out of this 2 hour trek!

So, two hours+ later we succesfully got to our second night’s castle, Lough Eske Castle in Donegal. We’ll take pictures in the morning of the castle.

IMG_20150530_221603587  We ate dinner at the hotel bar and was pleasantly surprised when they said there was live music starting at 10pm. COOL! is what we thought.

So it was this duo called Eklipse. We sat right next to them and listend to their music as Clark inhaled his burger and “chips” and I had a yummy Donegal seafood chowder and calamari. And then they started to sing. It was kind of bizarre, sitting here in Ireland, listening to a group sing covers to Adele, Sixpence Nonethericher, Goo goo dolls, Lorde, etc. It was as though I had asked them to sing my karaoke set-list. Overall, I enjoyed it, but Clark had had enough and was ready to leave upon finishing his burger and Donegal blonde beer.


One thought on “Ireland: Day 2

  1. Remember to take a “virtual chill pill” during those tense lost in foreign country moments. Enjoy reading about your adventures!

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