Ireland: Day 3

We left our lovely castle, Lough Eske castle, to set forth on our next exploration.

DSC01980 It was hecka swank. Clark got super excited that the shower rained from the middle of the ceiling.

We set off to Slieve League Cliffs off of Donegal – the tallest cliffs in all of Europe!

DSC01981These were the types of road signage we had to deal with ( again, like Alice in Wonderland).

But before we got to the cliffs, we stopped by Tee Lin – a super adorable coffee shop/ visitor center run by a sweet family.

DSC01997 “Clark, stand there and look cute.”

So once our mortal bodies were sufficiently satisfied with sustenance (ie we at scones) we headed out to the cliffs – and boy, they were BEAUTIFUL!!!!! It was an incredibly breathtaking moment for us.


What’s really neat is that as you hike up the mountain, one side is the gorgeous cliffs, and the other side is a beautiful, pastoral, town:

DSC02027 We called this village ” Settlers of Catan.”

DSC02040 This is how strong the wind was. I leaned into the wind and it carried me. It felt so free!

After a day of hiking we went to a fancy (DELICIOUS) French restaurant in Sligo called Montmarte. We had a lovely conversation with the French waiter who was charming and cracking jokes left and right.

DSC02060 Clark ordered a cheese plate and they brought him beautiful artwork!

We finished a beautiful meal (which would have been double the price in the USA) and then headed to Kilronan Castle for the night!

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