Ireland Day 4

We woke up to overcast/slight rain but decided to head 2.5 hours south to Galway. Since we had arrived at 9pm the previous night we didn’t know what our castle actually looked like until we headed out in the morning and saw the front of the castle.


The castle was decorated with lots of fancy paintings.

So we drove down the Galway and by the time we arrived we were STARVING.

We walked into the first place we saw as soon as we parked – and we were lucky! All of our dishes were delicious. Clark said his salmon (freshly caught that day) was the best salmon.


I had seafood chowder and a smoked salmon salad- yummy!

We then walked around Galway and by this time it was just sprinkling (but very windy). You can’t win with Ireland’s weather!

DSC02097Streets of Galway.

We then decided to hop into a pie shop (“The Pie Maker”) that was marked in our guide book as a must stop.

DSC02088Very cool decorationsDSC02092 Our pie did not get a chance for a photo shoot as we inhaled it within minutes. Her name was Banoffee Pie – and she was so beautiful and delicious in our bellies.

We then walked around and *accidentally* walked into a candy shoppe.

DSC02111While I was panicking over making decisions on which candy to choose, Clark goes up to the counter and says ” strawberry bon bons and strawberry licorice please.” My decision took 10 minutes while his took less than 10 seconds!

DSC02101We searched around for something marked on our guidebook map as “The Spanish Arch.” Little did we know we were walking underneath it! We weren’t very impressed. But I posed eagerly for the photo as this meant we can get back into the warm car and head back to our castle.

We headed back to our castle and ate dinner in the Drawing room there. So apparently, three times per week, there’s a German tourbus that brings a bunch of Germans to this particular castle. There’s a 17year old harpist/penny whistle-player that plays for an hour for the Germans.

DSC02115I learned that he likes German cars. 

How do I know this about the boy, you ask? While we were eating and listening, a German woman came up to me and handed me a laminated info sheet about the boy. I looked at her quizzically and she said ” It is about the boy. But…it is in German.” I said “Ohh… this is not very helpful for me then. Thank you though!” and then she proceeded to hover over my left shoulder and translate the handout, sentence by sentence. If I were the lady, I would have given me the 2 sentence synopsis of that sheet – or actually, just said “OK” and passed the sheet to the German person sitting next to me. Clark and I couldn’t figure out why she insisted on translating it all to me. It was an awkward situation in which I smiled and nodded and added some “Ohhhs” and hoped that she would walk away. I ruminated over this for quite some time and decided she must be his fan and wanted to spread the joy of his music to the ignorant non-German speaking American. After she left, Clark leans in and says “What’s that about?” and all I remembered was ” She said…the harpist likes German cars.”

Clark and I listened and ate our dinner quietly (me: coriander curry, clark: steak) why we listened to this young many play beautiful melodies that made you think you were in a fairytale land.

We then ended our night exploring the castle.


DSC02124Clark saw this room and said “We’re definitely coming here to renew our vows in 5 years.” Umm..Clark…More like 25 years…


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