Ireland: Day 5

It’s our last full day in Ireland! What shall we do? Go back to Dublin and actually explore Dublin, now that we’re pros at driving on the left side!

Clark wanted to go do the Guinness tour so we went and learned all we needed to know about the beer!

DSC02164 DSC02165 #barley

The highlight for me, a non-alcohol drinker was this! The t statistic that we use everyday as a researcher was developed by William Gosset: the chief brewer of Guinness! It took beer to come up with the t stat! The power of beer.


DSC02178Water is important in beer making.

DSC02189 DSC02190They then had us learn how to drink a Guinness properly.

How you ask? With your mouth.


The ad section was pretty fun!


The last part of the tour ended at the 7th floor, overlooking Dublin. Clark had fresh Guinness and he seemed to enjoy it very much!

DSC02204 DSC02205 DSC02206 DSC02207all gone

We then headed over to city centre to grab a bite and look at old churches and buildings. The weather cleared up and it was a lovely afternoon!

DSC02227 DSC02229 Old.DSC02234 Every corner looked like this. DSC02216“The Queen of Tarts.” I ate an asparagus, mushroom, and parmesan tart which was delicious. It was so delicious I forgot to take a picture. But look how satisfied I am after my lunch!DSC02238 We walked around the beautiful streets of Grafton and the Temple Bar area and then headed to our next castle: Dunboyne Castle in Co. Meath!

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