First Camping Excursion of 2015 and CoBock Bday!

Last weekend, Clark, Klepie, and I set out to Afton State Park to celebrate Collin’s birthday.

First, Kelpie made a new friend (sort of). She kept pummeling Lenny…in a friendly sort of way.


Kelpie ran around so much she had to…gasp…rest!

IMG_1816 resting with BobIMG_1813


We then all went on a lovely hike! It was most definitely KP approved. Look how happy she is!

IMG_1826Shall we go to the water? or head to the prarie?

IMG_1829KP was self-sufficient, carrying all of her own gear!

We then went back to the campsite and chopped wood. Can you spot Kelpie in the picture?


As night fell, we sat around a campfire and ate yummy foodz.

IMG_1853 Don’t mind Eric in the back, photobombing!

IMG_1860 #fire

All in all it was an A+ weekend complete with birthdayFun, brats on a stick, and nature!


Mini-vacation: Chicago!

Last week, I was presenting research at a massive conference on education. It spanned across 5 days! I had presentations on Friday and Monday so Clark decided to join me on my Chicago-quest!

Saturday night we had an amazing time at Buddy Guy’s Legends. If you enjoy good music, I highly recommend this place in Chicago. Excellent music. Fantastic atmosphere. Fun. Two years ago when Clark and I visited we met Buddy Guy and talked to him!

buddyguys With our friends Rocky and Jason!

The next day we also got a chance to check-out the Shedd Aquarium- boy what a treat that was! I felt a little bit guilty about the dinner we had the previous night – sushi. But not that guilty.

eelI learned that sea creatures are pretty gross looking. I was especially disgusted by the eel. But maybe that’s because I had an eel bowl the previous night. I decided I appreciate them better in my tummy than seeing them at an aquarium

iguana This thing was huge and gross.starfish ocotpus The octopus was cool. But also gross.

My favorite creature, of course, were the magical seahorses.

seahorse dragonseahorseThis dragon seahorse guy doesn’t even know how cool he is!

infrontofsheddThis is proof that we actually went to the Shedd aquarium and didn’t just spend our Sunday at a fish market.

We Did it! We’re Married! We’re Winners!!!

Clark and I celebrated our union on September 6, 2014.


Our wedding was held at the Minnesota Zoo. We tied the knot with blessings from  toucans, sloths, monkeys, and humans.

IMG_1436 IMG_9180


IMG_8695 Amazing Wedding Party.

Then came the reception.

Our first dance was Bob Marley’s “One Love.” After the first verse, we had all of our guests stand up and join us in our first dance. You could truly feel all the love in the air.

IMG_9700 Powerful.

We then had a Bridal party Lip Sync Battle. Our friends are impressive and awesome.

IMG_9932 IMG_9954 IMG_9934 IMG_9965 IMG_9890IMG_2492

IMG_2653 IMG_2568 IMG_9918

The finale was the Clark and Momo lip sync battle. We battled it out to Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen.

IMG_2719 IMG_2711 We kept it classy, obviously.


The evening dancing culminated into a group sing a long to Bohemian Rhapsody.

IMG_0332Those are my arms seemingly growing out of Shersh’s neck.

Here are some nice photos of us, in case you were wondering if we took any of those.

IMG_0457 IMG_1667 IMG_8378 IMG_8407 IMG_8861 IMG_0728 IMG_0724 IMG_2040IMG_0193 (1)_HDR

All in all I give it an A+ without any grade inflation. Couldn’t have planned a better wedding for me and clark!



We’re getting Married!

Untitled-2Momo and I are so very excited for our upcoming wedding and cannot wait to see all of you there!

Just a heads up, you can email your RSVP to if you want to save on postage. Otherwise, please send it to 1253 Watson Avenue St. Paul MN 55116

For information regarding our hotel block click here
We are registered at the following places Home Depot Target Kohls

Welcoming Our New Addition!!!

For those of you who haven’t heard, Clark and I have welcomed a new member into the Clark and Momo team! We adopted a stray puppy – her name is Princess Kelpus Maxmius. But you can call her Kelpie.

IMG_0539 IMG_0557


Kelpie is 6 months old and she is a fantastic little girl! She is inquisitive, extremely active, and very obedient. Our friends have been her foster parents for the past month and we’ve been visiting her everyday, getting to know her, and forming an everlasting bond.

This weekend we decided to take Kelpie canoeing and camping! On Friday, we camped in Lanesboro, Minnesota. Kelpie had a fantastic time walking into the town of Lanesboro. She is a great leash walker!



The next day, Clark, Al (his brother), Ollie (Al’s dog), Kelpie and I went canoeing down the Upper Iowa River. It was a 4 hour canoe ride and everybody had a blast!

IMG_0671Kelpie and Ollie chilling under the canoe.

IMG_0685 IMG_0682Post-swimming

Kelpie and Ollie had a wonderful time swimming in the river! We were all a little worried about how this trip was going to pan out with the dogs but we were so impressed with how well they did. A+ doggies!

IMG_0705 My first canoe trip was so much fun!IMG_0697very beautiful, serene scenery

IMG_0699Just us on the river, all day long.

All in all, this weekend was a success! Kelpie is becoming such a strong team member of the Clark and Momo duo. We look forward for everybody to meet her!


Momo is Finally Ph.Done!!!

Hello World!

It’s been a crazy past few weeks as I (Momo) prepared to complete my final days as a doctoral student (or any kind of student, for that matter).

My dissertation defense date was June 24, 2013. The day before, Clark took me wardrobe shopping for my “PhD defense dress” and I woke up on the 24th, prepared to win it.

Of course, there is no such thing as smooth sailing in the lives of Clark and Momo. 15 minutes before I had to leave for my defense, Clark tried to prevent a crock pot from falling, attempted to catch it – right when it shattered. This resulted in a deep cut of his finger to the bone and blood dripping everywhere. I will spare you the photograph of that. So we’re trying to find him a different shirt (he was wearing a nice white shirt which is now soiled), wrap his finger in whatever we can find, while I am frantically getting ready for my big day.

” I’m so sorry Clark, I have to go NOW or else I’m going to be late for my defense. Good luck! Please don’t worry about my defense and take care of your finger!!!”

and so I ran off to set up my defense.

Clark’s  finger is fine  and he also made it to my defense. Whew!

IMG_0358 This is the last slide of my presentation. I was very happy to be done at this point. That’s a picture of me and Mai from 1991.

IMG_0360 I am outside of the deliberation room waiting.

IMG_0366I passed!IMG_0362 Me, Clark, and my advisor post-passing.IMG_0367   Rocky and I defended our PhD’s one day apart. We are both Drs. now!

In the evening, Clark’s dad and Linda took us out to La Belle Vie – a super fancy (and yummy) restaurant in Minneapolis. We had a ton of fun and our bellies were happy too!

IMG_0398 Hooray for being done!IMG_0401 They brought out special congratulatory desserts! We felt so special!



I am so happy to be done with this chapter in my life. Thank you to everyone who has supported me throughout these years. I really appreciate all the support and love from friends and family, especially these past 3 years. These past 5 years have been more than just pursuing my PhD – I’ve met  lots of wonderful people in Minnesota, struggled with Mai’s passing, met a silly guy named Clark, and learned to embrace and enjoy “the here and now.”

Now on to the next chapter of our lives!

Independence Day Fun

The day after 4th of July, Clark and I went camping with his friends from Iowa State. You might be thinking “What!? Camping AGAIN!?”

Apparently, we just can’t get enough of insect bites, sleeping on hard surfaces and getting backaches, and eating meals that can be cooked with hot water!

We were looking forward to this camping trip because this time, it will be an adventure among merry company.

clark and collinWe rode with Collin up to Afton State Park. Our tent sites were hike-ins, hence Clark’s massive backpack.

Once we got there and met up with everyone, Clark, of course, decided to make effective use of Collin’s staff, and created a game. The goal of the game is to hit the frisbee with the staff – and you only have three tries.

clark and cob with stickClark is “pitcher” ; Kobliska is “batter”

Naturally, the game did not last. Bill was batter-up and (it is so unfortunate I do not have a photo of this) when he hit the frisbee with the staff, it shattered into millions of pieces. It was actually surreal to witness how epic-ly it shattered.

So of course, they continued the game with a rolled up sock.

kob and sock This lasted a while. And then Clark decided to put his socks back on his feet.

I also made yaki-onigiri (which is a must for any Japanee barbecue). It’s rice balls, grilled with soy sauce so it crisps up on the outside but remains sticky on the inside.

waiting for onigiriPatiently awaiting rice balls.

Also, Clark liked to show Collin and Bill his camping gear. I like this photo because Clark was so enthusiastically showing Bill our camping fork. Which is just a plastic fork – WITH A RETRACTABLE FORK HEAD WHAT THE WHATTTTTT.

clark showing off utensilsI like Bill’s genuine interest in the fork.

Anyway, the evening winded up with some Cards of Humanity action, watching the sunset, and sitting around a bonfire. It was quite relaxing!

excited about fire momo Super excited for Roasted Marshmallow!annie kob cards ag humCandid!


Day 2 of Afton Camping.

The following morning we woke up to cheer on the Ultra Marathon runners racing around the state park. Apparently it was 50K and 25K race day. There were some intense looking people. It was really hot…at 8am. I am super impressed with all the runners. We were so impressed we got tired just from cheering them on. So we went back to our camp sites. (Clapping and hollering is hard work!)

We all decided we were ready to hike! Yeah! There are some very pretty prairie hiking trails in Afton. So we ventured out into prairie land. hiking masters Everyone is happy in prarie land.tanpopo Dandelions are huge!!!!!demonstrate prancersieI am demonstrating the art of prancercizing to Kobliska. If you don’t know what I’m taking about, check it out on youtube.

Along our hike we found ghost mushrooms!

ghost mushroomsVery spooky.

We hiked around for a few hours and did most of the trails at Afton. The scenery changes every mile or so – it’s very neat!

bill and momo on a bridge in a forest type areaclark momo billover a stream

The hiking was loads of fun! What I don’t understand is that at the completion of the day I had 9 insect bites and Clark had NONE. UNFAIR. I must have really tasty blood. It must be all the sushi I eat!